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Are you looking to enhance your business? Your brand is your 21st century storefront signage. We can help you create or relaunch your brand. A new website, logo, and marketing materials make all the difference for any business.

Purple horizons can also manage your social media accounts, creating the time you need to focus on your own clients. Do you need a marketing plan, or market research? These are all things that we can help with.

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Your brand is how the world sees you. Your website, logo, business cards, flyers, and social media are your 21st century signage. Make sure that you are putting your best foot forward every time a potential client sees your materials.

Purple Horizons will help you create a consistent brand that will drive more clients to hire you.

Market Research & Marketing Plans

Who is your target audience? Are you spending your money wisely when you advertise? Purple Horizons can help you spend your time and money wisely by conducting market research, and writing comprehensive marketing plans for your business.

Most business owners think that a crisis will never happen to them. But what happens when it does? The ones who have a plan in place are in a much better position to come out the other side with only minor injuries to their business, rather than a fatal blow.

Be smart. Have a plan.

Tyana Kelley has the expertise to write a great crisis communication plan, as well as deliver excellent training to you and your staff so you are as prepared as you can be.

Ashley Rodside

Tyana did my website for my birth doula business. I was looking for really anything more professional looking than I could create (and I am not the least bit creative or tech savvy at all). I was so blown away by what Tyana did for me. She took everything I said into consideration, she incorporated all of the photos, quotes and style and I was looking for and she was always available to me when I had another idea or wanted a tweak in something. In the end having my website professionally done by Tyana has brought in more business for me, made me more respectable to clients and my peers, and has given me confidence as I grow my business. I would recommend Tyana to anyone and everyone!

Julia Lacy

When it came time to rebrand and build a new website, the task seemed daunting and overwhelming as a less-than tech savvy mom of three little kids and small business owner. I turned to Tyana and am so glad I did - she not only listened to me attempt to articulate my ideas, and worked patiently with my busy schedule, but she walked me through the back end maintenance and upkeep clearly and concisely. I'm thrilled with the final product as a vehicle to continue to build my business, and would absolutely turn to Tyana again if the need arises.

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